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Parking Categories

On-campus parking falls into four categories:

  • Short-Term – (2 hour maximum.). Permits are not valid.
  • General – (minimum 2 hours) general parking for students, employees, and visitors: licence plate registration required by e-permit, pay station, mobile app, etc.
  • Employees-Only – employee e-permit required; first-come, first-parked.
  • Economy – economy parking for employee, student and visitors: licence plate registration required by e-permit, pay station, mobile app, etc; first-come, first parked.

Any vehicle parked in an Employee-Only lot with licence plate not properly registered with an employee e-permit will be subject to immediate tow away at owner’s expense.

Employees-Only Parking (Employees-Only lots)

The following lots are available to employees with employee e-permits only, on a first-come, first-parked basis:

  • Short-Term – (2 hour maximum.). E-Permits are not valid.
  • lot G–adjacent to the Art Gallery (bldg. 330).
  • lot I–off Fifth Street, in front of building 350, upper and lower stalls.
  • lot F – Lower Level.
  • lot R–adjacent to the Lower Cafeteria (bldg. 185).
  • lot V–on the North side of the Applied Programs Building (bldg. 180) and on the East side of Facilities Services (bldg. 120).

Employees without e-permits can park in General or Economy lots by purchasing parking at a pay station or via one of the mobile apps at a daily rate of $5.00 per 12 hours.

  1. Upper Lot F , in front of Building 300, is a short-term metered parking (max. 2 hours). E-Permits are not valid in this lot.
  2. E-Permits are not valid when parked in a Short Term Lot.
  3. Pay Station tickets from the General Lots are not valid in Employee Only lots, except after 5pm Monday to Friday and all day on weekends and holidays.
  4. Any vehicle parked in an Employee–Only lot with licence plate not properly registered with an employee e-permit will be subject to immediate tow away at owner’s expense.
Student Parking (General lots)

Students with e-permits and/or daily pay station tickets will be able to park in the GENERAL parking Lots as follows:

  • lot A-corner of 5th Street and Wakesiah
  • lot B–off Fifth Street, below building 164.
  • lot C–off Opgaard Way, adjacent to Career and Academic Preparation (bldg 205).
  • lot E–off Opgaard Way.
  • lot H– behind the Day Care (bldg. 335).
  • lot J–off Fifth Street, at the top of the campus.
  • lot K–off Fifth Street, at the top of the campus.
  • lot L-off 5th Street, top of campus
  • lot M–upper campus, close to highway
  • lot N–Lower north and south end.
  • lot S–adjacent to building 181.
  • lot T–along Fourth Street where parking is allowed.
  • lot U–at lower campus, off Wakesiah and Fourth Streets.
  1. Students may not park in the Employee Lots.
  2. Students may not park in parking stalls that have been designated as special purpose spots.
  3. Students that have a valid e-permit may park in the General Parking Lots Only
Economy Parking (Employee, Student and General Parking)
  • Lot A - 5th Street and Wakesiah
  • Lot L - off 5th Street, top of campus
Parking for People with a Documented Disability
  • There are marked parking stalls for people with disabilities in most parking lots.
  • Parking in fire lanes or loading zones is NOT permitted with this type of permit, however, may be used for drop off purposes. The vehicle may not be left unattended in these areas.
  • To park in designated disabled parking stalls, the vehicle MUST be visibly displaying a valid Independent Living permit. If no permit is visible, a parking violation will be issued and the vehicle is subject to be towed at the owner’s expense.
  • People with a documented disability and displaying their permit may pay on a voluntary basis for parking.
  • A valid Independent Living parking permit for people with disabilities is required to park in designated spaces. Notes left on the dashboard in lieu of a permit will not be accepted.
  • Vancouver Island University does NOT issue special permits for persons with disabilities. However, special permits are available locally from Nanaimo and Region Disability Resource Centre #2 – 4166 Departure Bay Road. Tel. 250-758-5547. The Disability Services Office in bldg. # 200 has a supply of application forms and information regarding this organization.
  • Persons with a documented disability who display a valid special permit–available from Nanaimo and Region Disability Resource Centre–can park in any designated parking stall, including those in Employees-Only lots when designated Disabled Parking is not available or not convenient.
Loading Zones
  • Loading zones are for loading and unloading only. Vehicles may be stopped in these areas for a maximum of 30 minutes.
  • Where loading zones are not available, vehicles may stop in non-standard location upon consulting with the Parking Office.
  • Vehicles loading and unloading must leave their emergency flashers on, and if possible, leave a note indicating which building, which room they will be in and a cell phone number to contact a driver.
  • In emergency situations, Facility Services must be able to contact drivers to move their vehicle.
Fire Lanes
  • Fire Lanes are for emergency and service vehicles only.
  • Unauthorized vehicles left unattended in the fire lanes will be towed and receive a parking violation.
Speed Limit on Campus
  • The speed limit on campus roadways is 20 kph, Unless otherwise posted.